Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve had a whole lot of adventures in the past year, & we just wanted to thank you all for coming along for the ride (or letting us join you on yours!).  Our clients, friends & family have made this a wonderful year & we are filled with gratitude.  We feel very lucky.  It was only five years ago that we were at The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, eating hospital provided turkey off of paper plates, with plastic utensils; as my sister began her bone marrow transplant.

That was the best Thanksgiving of my life: filled with love, hope, and the dreams of journeys yet to come.

That Thanksgiving we confronted the harsh realties of life, and so every year, the fourth Thursday of November comes as a reminder of all that is essential and important.  Clearly, it isn’t the food on the table that matters.  It certainly isn’t the Black Friday hype either.  It’s the journey through life, with the people you love that makes it all worthwhile.

We are deeply grateful to be lucky enough to capture bits and pieces of your incredible lives through our cameras.  Our hope is that you hear our gratitude and spend your weekend loving the people you love… and enjoying your next adventure!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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